Andrew Nida

Andrew Nida


Andrew Nida, President

In 2008, Andrew Nida founded Senior Care Solutions, LLC. This health insurance agency exists to serve retirees in making confident, well-educated decisions about their Healthcare needs in retirement.  As the CEO, Andrew created a footprint in the Atlanta market by currently serving over 500 retirees.  
Through the relationship and development of Senior Care Solutions, LLC.  Andrew saw an opportunity to expand the scope of his service to “full” financial and estate planning.  In 2010, Andrew entered the Financial Industry and now serves as President and Founder of Asset Management Group Inc. (AKA: AMG-INC).  With a strong and proven track record, AMG-Inc. helps clients every day to successfully align their assets, while considering their concerns and objectives, to leverage and manage investment portfolios that will weather market fluctuations. A well-known speaker in the greater area and an active member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Andrew frequently hosts public educational workshops in the community on a variety of financial and retirement topics.

Having been raised with parents in ministry and experiencing different cultures across the world, Andrew was brought up with values that play an integrated role in his practice today. Morals and ethics are true to who he is as a business owner, but more importantly as a husband and father. Andrew has been married to Amy Nida since 2008 and they now raise three young boys: Drew, Ben, and Jake. Andrew, Amy, and the boys enjoy a variety of outside activities likes camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting.

As President and Founder of two thriving organizations, Andrew has had the opportunity of developing a valued service using cutting edge technology while not forgetting the personal touch of hospitality and character.