Our Process


At AMG-Inc, we understand that navigating through important financial decisions can be a struggle for you, your family and business. The results of these decisions will affect your overall financial well-being; including savings, income, and ultimately your retirement. At AMG-Inc we will consider the impact of inflation, taxation, rising healthcare cost and uncertain market risk to bring a solution that will solve your concerns, both short and long-term.

Because over ninety percent of our clients face similar financial concerns, we are confident that the skills we've composed while serving many alike, has allowed us to deliver on this promise. At AMG-Inc, we are a solution based firm! Time is our greatest value and we ensure that a moment won't be lost on our clock. Efficiency and the ability to execute a plan is fundamental. So, this is how we work...

Our Process

1) Discovery

  • What's your story! One the joy's of my career is having the opportunity to sit with individuals, family's and businesses to simply listen. Through my experience, it is evident that everyone is so uniquely different.
  • Second, we also want to ensure that our firm is an appropriate fit. Due to the level of planning and value we bring, our services are truly tailored to a selective group. Below are the key components we look for
    • Chemistry: Will this relationship work long term?
    • Realistic Goals: Can we add value?
    • Investment minimum criteria

2) Strategy

  • Through the discovery stage, we will identify both your concerns and goals for short and long-term time horizons.
  • Through education, use of technology, and analytics, we together customize a plan specifically for you. There is no such thing as "one size fits all". As we work together through this step we want to ensure your comfort and understanding of the investment plan we build.

3) Execute

  • Game Time! A goal without a plan is just a wish. Now that we have a plan, we must commit in a pursuit until your goal is a reality.
  • Our team at AMG-Inc. are the best in executing the implementation of this phase. From the original transfer of assets to the ongoing communication of future years, we will not fall short in how we execute. We will not give up until your goals are met.

4) Monitor & Adjust

  • Vital! Often times, the goals of our clients do not change, but life does. Therefore, monitoring and remaining pliable is key.
  • A review schedule is agreed upon by our team and you for each and every year. Through every review that we have, we will revisit:
    • What we're doing?
    • Why we're doing it?
    • Are we on track?
    • How are we performing?
    • Changes that should be considered?

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