Why Us?

Senior Care Solutions has provided the avenue to serve the senior market in a variety of ways on a daily basis. One area that we make a large impact is in the education we provide on the complex government program, Medicare. Now serving our 9th year as an organization, it has become apparent how important our service and education is to our aging population.

Following age 65 and every year thereafter, each senior must re-evaluate their health care needs. It’s vitally important to ensure that the plan you choose for each given year correctly matches your current and personal health care needs. You are probably asking yourself…”How hard can it be to re-evaluate my current plan?”. With the overwhelming options currently available alongside the rules and regulations that linger in the background, our experience has indicated that even most Physicians, Engineers, and other professionals turn to our organization for assistance.

With Medicare being so complicated, we have evolved our practice and style of business on the complete contrary. Through our experience, we have adjusted our education to a format that is simplistic in nature so that every client not only understands Medicare as a whole but the plan that also fits their needs. Our clients are able to make a well-educated decision on what they feel is best for them while filtering through what is available in the marketplace. You will never meet one of our representatives that know what you need prior to knowing you! Because Senior Care Solutions is licensed to offer most plans available, it has become our firm’s methodology that through proper education we can together identify the specific plan that fits our client.

Once you have decided to join our family, you now have the comfort in knowing that you have a hand to walk with through the years when questions arise or your health takes a change. It’s our promise that through serving you, we will become your advocate forever.

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